Toddler Life Part 1

*My life is super Chaotic. I never know what is going to happen. It’s always something new everyday. Isaac is slowly learning things, he is really smart. I try my hardest to teach him something new everyday but he does get bored very easily and very fast. Right now we have been working on flash cards and letters that I have. At first he always tries to eat them until he gets the hint that they are not meant to be chewed on. He’ll start listening halfway threw what I’m saying but he’s getting the hang of it slowly.

The days always start off with my little bundle of joy waking me up. If he sleeps in his crib he usually talks at first really quietly until he doesn’t want to be in there anymore then things get a little bit louder. He will grab whatever he can to make noise on the wood, but if that doesn’t help he goes and starts screaming. Saying “MAMA” about a million times. If he’s in the bed with me though. Things get a little bit more interesting. He will either sit on my face and bounce up and down a few times while laughing. Or he sits up and starts poking me anywhere and everywhere mainly in my eyes but hey whatever works to get mama up right.

Finally mama gets up. He always ALWAYS has the biggest smile on his face which makes my day every time. I don’t know how he does it but he does. We come out to the living room he grabs a few of his favorite toys and starts playing. He usually wants milk in the morning but lately it’s been water which is interesting to me. His breakfast either consists of eggs with ham, oatmeal, cereal, or grapes and waffles. Sometimes he eats a lot and sometimes he doesn’t but this boy can eat when he does though.

I’ll let him watch a little bit of TV usually he’ll watch Dave and Ava on YouTube. It’s a cute little show of nursery rhymes. Then I will have a good 15 to 30 minutes of being able to teach him things. He’s starting to talk more and more so teaching him is getting easier. I do get a little nervous that he doesn’t know a lot of words but everyone keeps telling me that all kids learn differently. He’ll get there sooner or later. This boy love his mama very much he gives me hugs and kisses now (which I love) makes me feel so good.

 Well this one is getting a little long. So I guess I can say TO BE CONTINUED. Since my little man keeps pressing the plus button. I should have kept them in.

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