Pumpkin Patch with a Toddler

So on Tuesday I went to the Avila Barn with my Awesome Grandmother. Isaac’s Great Grandma. The day started out perfect. Made Isaac a gigantic breakfast so it would last a little. He ate ALL of it…it’s a first. We left right after to go pick Grandma up. I hit no traffic at all finally it was amazing such a smooth ride and Isaac slept the entire way. We get to Grandmas house and pick her up to head out. Isaac played with the fountain in Grandmas backyard. CUTEST THING EVER!!! 44740299_2937786796247089_1796063436656869376_n

This kid goes crazy for water. Which is good because that is how I was when I was a kid.

So after picking up Grandma we went over to Avila Beach to get some food. We decided on pizza at Mission Pizza. It was delicious Isaac got the usual Chicken with fries. This time it was potato wedges. Grandma and I, I think enjoyed them a little bit more than he did. Grandma and I chose the Pesto Garlic Chicken. It was amazing also and we got a small but ate it all together no problem. GO GRANDMA!

After that we took a little stroll down the side of the beach so she could show me all the new things there (I haven’t been there in a very long time) It has changed so much. We then left there to go see if one of my uncles was working. He wasn’t sadly. Finally arriving at the Barn, Isaac was passed out. Grandma and I just started walking around just to look in the barn to see if we could find stuff while Isaac slept. The goats were so loud they were really hungry.

I finally had to wake Isaac up just because we wanted to get Pumpkins and feed the goats. It was pretty easy to wake him up. Once he did Grandma went off to the bathroom so I took Isaac over to go see the goats. When we go over there to feed them Isaac wanted down. So I let him down and he went straight to the fence where the goats were. One of them screamed in his face and all of a sudden Isaac just starts freaking out and crying. Poor baby was afraid after that. I felt so bad because the last time we went he was fine. I tried everything to calm him down but nothing worked. When Grandma came around the corner all she saw was Isaac pressed up against me. Poor baby was crying really hard by this time. We started to walk him in his stroller to see if that would calm him down. Only when the goats were quiet he was fine.

After a little bit he finally managed to calm down so we walked over to the pumpkins to pick ours out. I got Isaac a small white pumpkin so I can let him paint it later. We also got a BIG 26 lb. pumpkin(that weighs more than Isaac). Grandma got me a spaghetti squash for later mmmmmm. I didn’t want to have to lug all the pumpkins around so we bought them and just placed them in the car. After that we go delicious ice cream. I got a sample of the frosted cupcake flavor for Isaac to try. That was a bad choice haha. He wanted a full scoop which of course Grandma being Grandma bought it for him.

We finally were ready to leave so we bought stuff inside the barn and left. I wasn’t ready to leave Grandma yet so we went to the Pismo Outlets. Not far from where we were which was nice.  All we did there was go to Carter’s and I got a few outfits for Isaac for if we go back to Colorado and just for keeping warm when it gets cold here. We also went into Hot Topic but I didn’t find anything there. After that it was time to take grandma home.

All in all it was a very fun adventure and I always love going places with grandma. Now she has her Great Grandchild to look forward to seeing. LOVE YOU GRANDMA

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