Took time off

I took time off.

One main reason is because I had wrist surgery on my right wrist. It was a very painful experience but hoping it helps in the long run. When I was referred to go see a specialist since I’ve had pain since I was a child. Walking into the office to see the hand specialist was scary but at the same time I felt confident that he would be able to help me. I had three main appointments the first of course was the consultation, he could tell right off the bat that something was wrong. He put me under a machine that shows an X-ray of whatever you put under it. First explaining that there looked to be some sort of tissue build up and wanted me to wear a weird splint that held down the bone where he believed the tissue was building up.( Btw the problem with my wrist was that one of the bones was popping out of place making it very painful when it would pop) The brace helped only a little bit for a little while. The second visit he was suggesting surgery to help fit the problem of the bone since the splint wasn’t working. I told him that I wanted to wait a little bit longer to see if there is any progress before getting into surgery specially because my son was so small I didn’t want to deal with it by myself.

I definitely was concerned about it. Until one day my Mother in Law was kind enough to offer Isaac and I to stay with her so she can pretty much take care of both of us. Of course I said yes all the stress of the surgery was lifted for a little just knowing I would have some kind of help. Finally my next appointment came up. Telling my doctor I was ready he agreed and that was that I just had to wait for the doctors at the surgery center to get into contact with me to schedule that BIG day.

Few days went by when she finally did call. She finally scheduled that very important surgery that was going to happen. OF COURSE she scheduled it for the Friday after Christmas. She wanted to make sure I was fine to have Christmas with not only my son but my family. Since I would be gone at my Mother in Laws house for a little while (3 months to be exact)

The day of the surgery. I couldn’t eat or drink 7 hours prior to surgery time. Which the surgery was scheduled for morning time so it didn’t really bother me(not at the time) Well my nerves now those definitely got to me. The drive was probably the worst part. It was me my Mom, Mother and Law and Isaac. All I could think of was being put to sleep for the surgery and how much pain I could/would be in. I couldn’t help but be quiet the whole entire time. We arrived almost 30 minutes before the scheduled time so I could fill out paperwork and this and that. The nurses of course were very nice. The whole time I was waiting they kept making sure I was alright. Once I finished the paperwork though THAT’s when I couldn’t help but start feeling very nervous. My nurse came and grabbed me. I gave my mom and my son a kiss and headed back.

They sat me in a giant Lazy Boy which was very nice. Also gave me some anti nausea medicine. Then put my needle in for where they would give me the medicine. Again the nerves started up but my nurse kept on me and kept talking to me which calmed me down once again. My anesthesiologist came in and told me what to expect and what to prepare for. Then they took me back. Once I laid down. He started putting the anesthesia in. I kept asking questions so it would calm me down. That was it I was out.

Hearing things around me I tried opening my eyes. I would look around and notice I was still Ok but still really tired so I fell back to sleep. My nurse came over and tried waking me but again fell back to sleep my body was exhausted. I finally awoke and my nurse looked really relieved.  All I wanted to do was sleep but she wouldn’t let me. She gave me apple juice(my favorite) and some crackers. While I was Ok to get up she raised me slow and had me walk to the outpatient seat just like the other and wait for my family. Shortly after they came through looking relieved as well. Apparently sleeping as much as I did sometimes isn’t a good thing.

Well to be continuedddddddddd……………………….

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