Wrist Problems

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had wrist problems. It all started when I fell off my bike when I lived on four acres. It hurt like hell but then we didn’t have the luxury of good health insurance so we just knew it was a sprain or so we thought. As I grew up it got worse the bone just kept looking worse and worse. It started to pop out of place in middle school. I knew something wasn’t right and I wanted answers. We kept going to the doctor but they would tell me every time that it was a sprain. Deep down inside me I knew there was something else wrong. Well then I moved to Colorado for a little. I went to the doctor there when it got really bad this was also a few years later. There they told me one of the bones was shorter than the other one. Either I would need surgery or Physical Therapy. I didn’t have the time or the money for that so again we put it off. Every year, every few months it would pop out and as the years went by it got way worse, worse then ever before.

When I started working at Walmart that is when it pretty much almost broke. I was put on leave instantly. That is when I went to my hand specialist now. Thank goodness I did. He found out what was wrong. I had surgery ( will write more on that on my next blog) and now 12 weeks post It’s getting a little better each month. It is a slow process tho.



Thanks for reading.

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