Wrist Surgery Aftermath

Finally get to eat.

We left the surgery center slow and steady. Every time we were down here for any reason we go to Ihop. It’s really good of course. I was told not to have a lot of greasy foods. Which I was of course not happy about but oh well. We get there and mind you I’m only maybe 30 minutes out of surgery. So I order french toast even though I wanted eggs and bacon and everything else. Once the food showed up though I wasn’t really that hungry for it so I maybe ate half of what was in front of me. My Mother in Law had a really good looking side salad with her food so I ate the rest of what she had and I was completely full.

When we were finally done it was time to get up and go to the car, but as soon as I stood up I instantly got dizzy and pale ( I’m already pale to begin with but this was I guess way worse since my Mother in Law actually could tell) So my Mother grabbed me and made sure I was ok. Everything was muffled but I could hear the manager of the restaurant ask if it was a fresh surgery. My Mama told him yes about an hour out. He said to take it easy and good luck, all I could do was nod my head.

By this time I was ready to just go to sleep. It was way to hard though considering all the bumps on the way home. The medicine wore off pretty quickly my arm already started to hurt. I was not happy at all as I was told I should be good all day, that didn’t happen. We got into town and of course the first thing we did was drop off my Mama, I was pretty sad since she always calms me down. But I was happy that I at least had my Mother in Law. We went straight to get my prescriptions filled so I could start on those and get me feeling better.

Didn’t take long for them to be ready so finally I was feeling better again. I was in for a very rough night though all three of us my Mother in Law and son were in it too. Isaac has been sleeping with me since he was a baby baby(I know horrible) so he slept with his Grandma for the first time. He was up crying every hour just because it wasn’t me next to him and of course on top of that my wrist was just throbbing. The next day we left back to La Quinta to where my MIL lived.

I will continue this tomorrow….. Got to tend to the bubs. ❤

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