The Pain

I wish I would of known how badly I was going to hurt after surgery. They said I would be fine and maybe a little uncomfortable but no. I was in so much pain I had to keep taking medicine just to help with it. I don’t like opioids but for this situation I needed them. My wrist was throbbing. Every time I would move I felt like my arm was going to rip off. Even just taking a shower or bending over was difficult and very painful. The worst part was not being able to lift up my son. They first put me in a ace bandage which didn’t protect my wrist at all from anything. Both sides had an opening where the splint was. I’ll tell you it was not protected at all. Every little hit in the open area felt like I stabbed myself. One night my nephew and son decided to jump on me excitedly and hit it so hard I was instantly sick to my stomach. I just wanted the pain to go away and it did once I got my cast on. Casts are in no way comfortable specially since it went all the way up my elbow. Enough rant sorry…

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